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Chinese Herbal Medicine is a very important part of a larger healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herbal tradition of China is valued scientifically, as well as being a popular tradition


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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a very important part of a larger healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herbal tradition of China is valued scientifically, as well as being a popular tradition. Scientists working in China, Japan, and other countries during the past four decades have demonstrated that the herb materials contain active components that can explain many of their claimed actions. Modern pharmaceutical drugs have been developed from the herbs, such as treatments for asthma and hay fever from Chinese ephedra, hepatitis remedies from schizandra fruits and licorice roots, and a number of anticancer agents from trees and shrubs. Several popular formulations produced in China, called “patent medicines,” are relied upon daily by millions of Chinese (in China and abroad), such as the Bupleurum Sedative Pills and Women’s Precious Pills that invigorate the energy, nourish the blood, calm tension, and regulate menstruation, and Yin Chiao Jie Du Pian, which is a reliable treatment for the early stages of common cold, sore throat, and influenza and Yin Xiao San is the most popular and well known Chinese formula used for stress and premenstrual disorders.

More than three hundred commonly used Chinese herbs today have a history of use of over 2,000 years.

It is a very long and complicated process to learn how to make individual TCM diagnoses for each patient and then find an appropriate herbal formula according to Chinese diagnosis. Usually, one herbal formula contains around 10 to 20 single herbs combined together. Some of the common herbs that are used in Chinese Herbal Medicine are ginseng, licorice, astragalus, ginger, and cinnamon. Very often, I give capsules to my patients in my clinic, so they will be easy to swallow and easy to take regularly. I only use superior quality herbal companies that are made in the USA and not in China. Some of the companies that I feel very confident in are Evergreen herbs and Bluepoppy.

Chinese Herbs need to be taken regularly, three times a day. They won’t work if you take them one time or don’t take them on a regular basis.


Dr. Jimmy Chang - Chinese Herbal Medicine Teacher

Pictured  here is Dr. Yuliya Jirnov’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Teacher Dr. Jimmy Chang on the left. On the right of him sitting is his Herbal Medicine Master. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Education that Dr. Yuliya Jirnove was given has been passed down through generations of great Doctors and Chinese Masters.


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“With much gratefulness, I want to thank you both for helping me. I came in with Sciatica pain 24/7 for two years, and knee pain and swelling. And now after 10 sessions with you, I am without pain and can walk, go up and down stairs (have a 2 story home and had to go one stair at a time) and I am back to most of my normal daily activities.

Dr. Yuliya and Mikhail are extremely gifted and talented and are very sensitive to your needs and concerns. Both are very professional and caring people and they are a blessing to their patients and our area.

I would highly recommend Come For Health clinic, and I will return for more sessions without any hesitation in the future.”

R. Byers


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