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Come For Health is an Acupuncture and Natural Health Clinic. We use Acupuncture, Oriental Herbal Formulas, and other Eastern Medicine techniques dedicated to the support and facilitation of natural healing, recovery, and prevention of a large variety of physical and emotional problems.


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“The active knowledge of your brain, that comes from learning, is like a snow cap on the sleeping volcano of your inner wisdom. But it is also a key to it.”

Mikhail A Jirnov


Meet Our Practitioners

Either you have already started on your healing journey, have been struggling with chronic problems for years, or have a newly developed health challenge, we have a way to deliver help to you safely, effectively, and naturally.


Dr. Yuliya Jirnov, DOM(NM), L.Ac

Dr. Yuliya Jirnov has experience practicing Oriental Medicine for more than 10 years. It includes experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a wellness center volunteer, working at her own Eastern Wind clinic, as well as at the Rocky Mountain Integrative Medicine Center. She has also been working with infertility at the world-famous Eastern Harmony clinic in Houston.

Dr. Yuliya is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified by the New Mexico Acupuncture Board. She also has a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Texas and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brandeis University. in Massachusetts.

Dr. Yuliya is a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Texas and Colorado.


Mikhail (Misha) A Jirnov

Mikhail is a world-known Spiritual Teacher and Bioenergy Master, Certified Professional Life Coach, and the creator of Bioenergetic Assisting. He spent his whole life working with bioenergetics of the body, using his natural gift and extrasensory abilities. Mikhail’s long-time teacher, VALENTINA is from a line of village healers of southwestern Siberia. It resulted in Mikhail utilizing some of the Siberian healers’ approaches in his bioenergetic work.

After more than 20 years of helping people, he came up with his own method of working with the bioenergetic field of the body, called Bioenergetic Assisting. Master Jirnov is known around America and the world for his teaching in Bioenergy and Spirituality. He has given hundreds of lectures and presentations around the United States as well as online webinars. On multiple occasions, he has been a presenter on TV and radio shows explaining and advocating the body’s natural healing abilities.

Over the last 25 years, thousands of people are grateful for the support that they received through his work and teachings.

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by Come For Health

“With much gratefulness, I want to thank you both for helping me. I came in with Sciatica pain 24/7 for two years, and knee pain and swelling. And now after 10 sessions with you, I am without pain and can walk, go up and down stairs (have a 2 story home and had to go one stair at a time) and I am back to most of my normal daily activities.

Dr. Yuliya and Mikhail are extremely gifted and talented and are very sensitive to your needs and concerns. Both are very professional and caring people and they are a blessing to their patients and our area.

I would highly recommend Come For Health clinic, and I will return for more sessions without any hesitation in the future.”

R. Byers


Natural Health Care is Our Mission



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