Dr. Yuliya Jirnov, DOM has received special training from Robin Green in pediatric acupuncture. Having two children of her own, Dr. Jirnov has developed a passion and natural aptitude for treating children, from newborn to adolescence. The many effective treatments for children include: acupressure, Tuina (Chinese massage), Chinese herbal medicine , homeopathics, acupuncture, auricular medicine (ear acupuncture) including ear seeds, cupping and biogenetic assisting. There are no two people who would get the exact same treatment, and this extends to children.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very gentle and safe for children with no side effects. The method of working with children is done extremely gently and patiently, thus building a relationship with them in an authentic way. 

In addition to treatment of physical concerns in children such as unexplained pain, trouble sleeping, chronic or acute cough, digestive and skin issues, and many more, Come for Health also addresses a range of emotional issues with children including stress, depression, anger, irritability, anxiety and trauma. 

Children who typically benefit most from these treatments have health issues such as asthma, allergies, cold/flu, ADD and ADHD as well as other common childhood ailments. Children respond very effectively and quickly to oriental medicine. Oriental medicine is an effective and safe alternative to the western medications.

Another facet of children’s health addressed at our clinic is Nutritional Education, which is appropriate for both the children and their families. Dr. Jirnov advises families on recommended dietary supplements and supports your wellness journey every step of the way.

Please contact us at comeforhealth@gmail.com for other questions you might have regarding Children’s health.